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Walking Together in Love and Unity

愛.同行: 在靈裏合一

譚家麟 傳道

譚家麟 傳道

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Date: Jan 13, 2019

1. 迦勒團 1 月 18 日(本週五)聚會為健康講座,請團友留意出席。

2. 本星期六教會祈禱會,請出席同心爲教會需要祈禱。

3. 2019 Missions Fest Vancouver 將在 1 月 18 日至 20 日 (五至日) 在 Vancouver Convention Centre (999 Canada Place) 舉行,詳 情請參閱傳單。

4. 教育部現正推行「全年讀新約計劃 2019」,目的是鼓勵大家一 年內讀畢新約聖經並培養每日靈修讀經的習慣。當遇上讀經難 題, 歡迎以不記名方式把問題投放在靠近大堂門口的聖經問題 信箱內,我們將會定期邀請譚傳道、長老及執事們一起解答。

English Congregation:

MISSIONS FEST VANCOUVER YOUTH RALLY Vancouver Convention Centre | Saturday, January 19, 2019 | 7:00PM Come together with the youth of Vancouver for a concert of passionate worship and unvarnished truth about what it means to follow Christ every day. Tickets are required for entry, so please RSVP by January 15 to Pastor Sherman. For more information, visit Youth Rally.

本周代禱 | Prayer Items:

Date: Jan 13, 2019

1. 爲患病及等候專科治療肢體代禱:姚鴻儒及姚太,周笏朝、黃 思恩傳道的眼睛祈禱,求神醫治。

2. 願主帶領我們透過學習 2019 年主題「愛.同行:在靈裏合 一」,更愛家人、親友、肢體和教會。

3. 願神加智慧和心力給預備聚餐的肢體,藉此促進團契生活,並 能款待新來賓。

4. 願神叫我們有聽道又行道的心志,每主日把所領受的道在生活 中應用。

5. 感謝神給我們團契和小組生活,願我們在多分享生活的經歷, 在代禱中彼此記念和造就。


English Congregation:

1. Remember all students as the Winter semester starts. Pray that they will grow in knowledge and understanding as well as being a positive Christ disciple to friends and family.

2. Pray for our church as we seek to walk together in love and unity. May God watch over our church leaders, giving them wisdom to lead and serve well.

3.Pray for Missions Fest Vancouver, that many will attend and receive the Gospel as well as be encouraged to be involved in missions locally and globally.

愛神、愛人 Love God! Love other!

愛得耐 愛得慈